With Pokemon Snap On The Horizon, Fujifilm And Nintendo Launch App That Lets You Print Switch Screenshots

Fujifilm has been working with Nintendo to create a smartphone app that lets you easily print out your favorite Switch screenshots. The app works with Fujifilm’s Instax printer, which is a diminutive, handheld printer that creates trading-card-sized printouts. Not surprisingly, the app launches on April 30 – the same day as New Pokemon Snap.

The new technology seems pretty user-friendly, as it’ll connect to your phone over Bluetooth and even gives you the option to do a few quick edits before printing out your masterpiece. To print out an image, just select the image on Switch to pull up a QR code, scan it with your new app, and it’ll be imported to the Instax software for editing and printing.

The Instax printer is nothing new – having launched in 2019 – but the upcoming smartphone app is bound to be popular with New Pokemon Snap fans. The printer and smartphone app are also compatible with all other screenshots in your Switch album, giving you an easy way to print out pictures from New Horizons, Mario Kart, and Breath of the Wild.

A new silicon Instax case – featuring Pikachu – will also arrive on April 30, alongside a new color variation called “Ash White” to celebrate New Pokemon Snap’s arrival. The product seems to be sold out at most retailers, and it’ll probably remain a popular purchase over the next few months.

If printing out New Pokemon Snap photos isn’t enough, The Pokemon Company recently released an official, physical version of the game’s Photo Book. There’s also a bunch of other merch up for grabs – although we’re sure it’ll all be just as popular as the Instax.

To learn more about Fujifilm’s Instax printer and smartphone app, check out the official website. There, you’ll find more about the product itself, along with detailed instructions on how to work the upcoming app.

New Pokemon Snap and the Instax Switch smartphone app will both be available on April 30.

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