World Of Warcraft’s Leeroy Jenkins Returns To Crash Speaker Of The House Vote

Many years ago, a World of Warcraft player was immortalised in the internet hall of fame by completely ignoring a raid plan and simply charging into battle headfirst. His name? LEEEERRROOOYYYYYY JJEEEEEEENNNKKIIINNNNNNNSssssssss! This battle cry has been heard in many places, but nobody expected it to be riffed on during the US House of Representatives' vote for a new Speaker.

In the original video, a party leader walks a group through a detailed plan and everyone's involvement in it. Leeroy Jenkins, who appears to have been AFK at the time, comes back and simply charges into the enemy lair while shouting their own name.

I am not an American, and it seems like every year there's some strange new US political tradition that makes no sense and I don't understand. Most of you, our dear readers, are American, but for those who aren't I'll try and explain. The House needs to vote on a Speaker, and normally the majority party simply unifies behind one person and the vote goes through. However, for the first time since 1923 this has taken more than one vote due to the Republican party being unable to make up its mind, and people are getting impatient.

As reported by Polygon, Democrat Representative Jared Huffman, during roll call, shouted HAKEEEEEM JEFFRIESSSSSSSS!! The name of the Speaker the Democrats are trying to elect. Obviously, no one expected a 58-year-old in what is supposed to be one of the most important buildings in America to reference a WoW meme, but that's the state of US politics right now.

Huffman has shown no remorse, and in fact has promised to keep going on his personal Twitter account, writing, "I will continue doing my Leroy Jenkins impersonation until House Republicans stop nominating 6-time loser Quevin McCarthy for Speaker. I'm not bluffing."

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