Xbox Game Pass Family And Friends Plan Leaks

An Xbox dataminer has found evidence of an Xbox Game Pass "Family and Friends" subscription plan.

Earlier this month, Microsoft started trialling an Xbox Game Pass family plan for Xbox Insiders in Ireland and Columbia. The Family Plan allows up to four people to join the same Xbox Game Pass plan, although since it's still being tested in Xbox Insider, there's no confirmation on the pricing of the plan. It looks like there's going to be another level to the plan, however, as evidence has been found of a "Family and Friends" subscription.

As reported by The Verge, this leak comes courtesy of Twitter account Alumia_Italia, who regularly finds apps hidden within the Xbox database. In this case, Alumia_Italia found an image that shows the Xbox Game Pass logo, but with "Family and Friends" at the bottom. Considering that we already know a family plan is in the works thanks to the Xbox Insider announcement, it seems like this is going to be another tier to Game Pass that allows friends to join as well.

The implication from this leak is that the Family and Friends plan will allow those with Xbox accounts outside of a family will be able to join the Game Pass subscription and use it, but the Family plan preview that's live on Xbox Insider doesn't currently restrict the accounts that can join the plan to just family members, only requiring them to be in the same country as one another.

With that in mind, it seems that the Family and Friends plan would allow for other Xbox accounts to join the subscription plan even if they're not in the same country. It's not clear if the number of accounts would increase beyond the four that are currently included in the preview for the family plan, but it seems likely the price would go up a bit to match. It's also possible that the plan has simply been given the final name of "Family and Friends".

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