Xbox Live FREE Game Update: Download this Xbox One game today to enjoy all weekend

As mentioned, the game is set on mars and takes the form of a survival management sim, in short, its up to you to build a colony capable of supporting human life on one of the most inhospitable planets in the solar system.

And I’m sure we all remember/have seen how that turned out for Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall.

To give you a bit more insight though, here’s Nikhat Ali, Lead Producer from the Surviving Mars dev team.

“The mission begins the moment you land on the Red Planet. Using your drones, you’ll gather resources, discover mysteries, and build domes to house your colonists. Since humans like being able to breathe, we recommend building life support systems capable of keeping the domes filled with breathable air.

“You’ll also need to figure out how your colonists are going to eat, because no one wants hangry colonists on their hands. If building shelter and growing food were all there was to colonizing Mars, then surviving the Red Planet would be easy… right?

“Watch out for natural events, like dust storms that can knock out power generators and wreak havoc on your colony. But don’t forget to take care of your colonists’ mental states too; they each have their own personalities and mental states you’ll need to monitor.

“After all, you don’t want your chief botanist to develop alcoholism when they’re on the verge of a major discovery. But it’s not all impossible challenges, you can make scientific breakthroughs to benefit your colony and get the edge over the inhospitable forces of Mars.”

If you were putting off jumping into the game at launch, now probably couldn’t be a better time to take the game for a spin. 

Especially when it’s free no less.

According to the devs, Since Surviving Mars launched on Xbox One last year in March, it’s seen 12 major updates, each one adding new features or improving mechanics based on players feedback to fine tune the game.

“One recent update was the addition of Paradox Mods, our first direct modding pipeline on Xbox One, which gave players the power to create their own custom experience in Surviving Mars,” Nikhat Ali explained in the blog.

That’s right, you’ll also be able to mod Surviving Mars on Xbox One during this free weekend too.

There are also two expansions to the game should you really, really enjoy your time with it.

The Space Race expansion sees players compete with rival colonies for the limited resources on Mars, and Green Planet, which launched earlier this week, introduces terraforming parameters and allows players to turn the Red Planet green.

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