Xbox Mobile App Achievements Are Coming Back

The Xbox mobile app is about to get a whole lot better. Last October, the app was overhauled to accommodate the next-gen consoles. The new app offered new features but also took away a few fan-favorites. Now, the director of project management for Xbox has confirmed that several key features, like the achievements tab, are coming to the app pretty soon.

In a recent episode of Major Nelson’s Xbox Podcast, director of project management Jason Ronald joined Nelson to discuss all things Xbox. When the topic turned to the Xbox mobile app, Ronald said that the team had been taking in fan feedback and requests regarding what they wanted from the app. As a result, he confirmed that some features would be returning to the app, “One of the pieces of feedback that we’ve very clearly seen is people are missing features like achievements as an example in the Xbox app. So, over the coming months, we’re going to be updating the Xbox mobile app to add things like achievements.”

The mobile app is already full of features, like being able to instantly share screenshots from the Xbox Series X and S or utilizing Remote Play to enjoy gaming from the comfort of a mobile device. Gamers can also pre-download games from the app, which is a wonderful feature. Adding these missing features that fans clearly want is a step in the right direction and seems to set the tone for what Xbox has planned with their next-gen consoles. It will be interesting to see where the company goes from there with future updates and improvements.

Beyond the improvements to the app, Ronald discussed some other areas that the team was taking note of player feedback with. This included Game DVR, broadcasting, and the amazing Quick Resume feature. He also noted that these improvements and advancements were just the beginning of what Xbox has planned for this new generation of gaming. The company will be partnering closely with key game developers all across the industry to fully take advantage of all the next-gen capabilities built into the Xbox Series S and X. Seems this app improvement is just the beginning.

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