Xbox Series S back in stock at Microsoft Store – at least for now

The Xbox Series S continues to be the only next gen console to be at least occasionally available in the UK, as Microsoft get more in stock.

Considering we’re less than a week away from Christmas now it’s pretty obvious that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are not going to come back in stock before the end of the year.

Neither of the more powerful consoles have been available via anywhere but eBay all month, with the only that does keep popping up being the cheaper but lowered powered Xbox Series S.

Amazon had some stock last time, that lasted around 30 minutes, and now Microsoft has some too – which is unlikely to last much longer.

There don’t seem to be any guarantees of a Christmas Day delivery on Microsoft’s website but at least the console is being sold at its standard price of £249.99.

They also have official controllers in stock, with an offer to save 20% on one if you buy a second joypad. So that’s £43.99 for a standard one and £143.99 for an Elite.

It’s more than possible that other retailers will get more stock in over the next couple of days, or perhaps it’ll remain in stock at Microsoft for longer than usual.

There’s still no sign of more PlayStation 5 consoles though and Sony has given no indication of when they might arrive in the UK.

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