Xbox’s Major Nelson Shows Off An Xbox Series X Jenga Set

When the design for the Xbox Series X was revealed, it was begging to be memed into oblivion. Luckily, Microsoft knows how to take a joke and has decided to embrace the memes that the console evokes. Naturally, that eventually meant the creation of an Xbox Series X-themed Jenga set, which Xbox’s Major Nelson showed off just a couple of days ago.

Of course, this isn’t the first promotional item that Xbox has made for the sake of the meme. Back in October, we found out that Xbox had fully embraced the “fridge” meme that the Series X created and built a full-sized functional Series X refrigerator for Snoop Dogg. Xbox even stocked it with gin and juice for the legendary rapper. The company made other refrigerators for people to win, although they were probably not stocked with gin and juice like Snoop’s was.

It wasn’t really surprising, then, when Larry Hryb (better known as Major Nelson) tweeted out a picture of the Xbox Series X-themed Jenga set that had been created for some of Xbox’s promotional partners. The set is meant to emulate the look of the Series X, even down to the vent holes on the console—though you won’t be able to get vape smoke through the pieces.

Hryb even showed that some of the pieces came with Xbox Game Pass codes etched into the side of the block, which can be redeemed for a free subscription to Game Pass. Hryb knew that the code would be redeemed within minutes of tweeting the image, and simply let the internet do its thing.

Unfortunately, these sets are limited edition and are not for sale, though Hryb did float the idea of making the set official merch for you to buy. So far, there hasn’t been a response to that idea, but we can always hope that there will eventually be a day when we can all buy an Xbox Series X Jenga set.

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