Xbox’s New Wireless Headset Was Actually Revealed In October, But No One Noticed

Xbox officially unveiled its new wireless headset this week, but actually gave everyone a first look at the accessory four months ago.

Xbox revealed its imaginatively named Xbox Wireless Headset this week. A set of headphones created by Xbox that can be connected to your console and your phone at the same time. A handy bit of kit for all you Xbox owners out there and something you could have been looking forward to for the past four months had you been watching more closely.

Even though the headset wasn’t revealed until yesterday, it actually made its on-screen debut back in October 2020 to an audience of millions. Xbox’s social media manager Josh Stein broke the news on Twitter after the headset had been officially unveiled. Stein explained that the Xbox Wireless Headset was shown being used in Xbox’s Power Your Dreams ad, attaching a screenshot for evidence.

This isn’t the first time Xbox has hidden something in plain sight before officially showing the product off to the public. All the way back in July of last year, a Series S can be seen on Xbox head Phil Spencer’s shelf. The smaller, less powerful alternative to the Series X wasn’t officially unveiled and shown off for another two months.

Even though Stein claims he doesn’t know about any more easter eggs hidden in Xbox marketing material, that won’t have stopped people from combing through old ads and reveals. Any hints of a new game or accessory lurking on a shelf or even being used by someone like the headset. Perhaps evidence of how Game Pass will expand going forward following rumors that Ubisoft+ will be added to the service later this year.

Speaking of Game Pass, as well as the headset reveal, Xbox also announced seven new games coming to its subscription service later this month. New additions include Dirt 5 and Code Vein. As for the headset, you can preorder it now and it will cost $99.99. Its features include the ability to isolate your voice from any background noise and 15 hours of battery life.

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