Xenoblade Chronicles 2: How To Get The Snow-White Rhino

Much like its predecessor, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 can be an epic campaign; it's utterly loaded with activities to do, lush locales to explore, and goodies to collect. Along with the vast amount of equipment and fightable Blade companions, Rex and company can also gather other items as rewards for completing side quests.

One of Xenoblade Chronicles 2's more elusive items is the deceptively-named Snow-White Rhino, which is actually a rare beetle. This item must be tracked and obtained as part of the side quest, A Young Man's Prize.

Many fetch quests in the game can take time to complete, given Alrest's massive size and the depth of its biomes. Yet, this one can be especially tricky for those that don't know where or when to look. This is because the item only makes an appearance at a specific location, and during a certain time of day. This guide will delve into the details regarding the Young Man's Prize side quest and the location of the Snow-White Rhino.

Where To Find The Young Man's Prize Side Quest

To locate and obtain the Snow-White Rhino, you'll first need to initiate the aforementioned side quest, The Young Man's Prize. It is given by the Ardainian child named Eluned, who resides at the Grodd Residential Zone in the Gormott Province. You'll see him standing at the bottom of a staircase that leads to a dock and an airship. It's at the southern end of this zone, near Garagorm's Arch.

  • Keep in mind that you'll need to have initiated Chapter 3 to do this side quest.

Eluned will explain that he's got a bet going with his friend to see who can be the first to lay claim to this coveted object, at which point, he'll naturally request you retrieve it for him. Make sure A Young Man's Prize is set as your active quest, and leave the area.

Finding And Obtaining The Snow-White Rhino

Once the quest has begun, you'll need to travel to a small island near Seigle Fell in Gormott Province. The kicker is that this item can only be found between 5:00 and 7:00 a.m. during high tide. This will allow you to wade through the raised cloud sea in order to reach the tiny island.

Once you reach the area at this time, the item can be found near a glowing mist close to the center of the island. It shows up as a red sack.

  • Remember: you can check on and change the in-game time of day in the system menu, next to the save option. So if you approach this area and this timeframe is a ways off, you can always return later or change the time so that you're here during the early morning.

After the item has been retrieved, return to Eluned and claim your reward. You'll get:

  • 500 Gold
  • 580 EXP
  • 49 SP
  • 150 Trust
  • 200 Development Points
  • A Fabulous Hat (an accessory that raises the wearer's Ether stat by up to 27)

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