xQc Regains Minecraft Speedrun World Record After Nearly 2 Years

Minecraft is normally a game associated with chill vibes–an idyllic blocky world where the player builds as much or as little as they want. But the nominally relaxing game can become an adrenaline-fueled race to defeat a terrifying dragon in the hands of the speedrunning community, of which streamer xQc has been a part for many years.

xQc originally held the title of fastest Minecraft player back in 2021 but lost it to fellow Minecraft speedrunner Forsen in April of that year. Then on January 4, 2023, xQc put forth a heroic effort and defeated the Ender Dragon in just 20 minutes and five seconds, significantly undercutting Forsen's previous record of 20 minutes and 38 seconds.

"It's over! It's done! Boom!" shouted xQc after his record-setting run. "I am done with this shit. It's been two fucking years of this shit, man."

After breaking Forsen's record, xQc informed his longtime rival of his now second-place record and that "it may be time to submit to the purgatory once again."

Getting a Minecraft speedrun record is no easy feat. There's a lot of RNG involved as Minecraft's world generator can make or break a run, depending on how easy it is for players to find the required materials. There are also tons of other random spawn locations that–if not located quickly–can require a restart of the run. Given the fact it to took almost two years for xQc to beat Forsen's record, we can assume the streamer had to restart his runs many, many times just due to bad luck.

The actual fight against the Ender Dragon is relatively trivial in comparison to the rest of the run. After shooting the crystals on top of the pillars, xQc places a bed on one of them and attempts to sleep. Trying to sleep in the End dimension causes the bed to explode, dealing damage to the player as well as massive damage to anything around them. Repeated bed detonations eventually kill the Ender Dragon.

Forsen has yet to reply to xQc's challenge, but given the monumental difficulty he faces, it might be some time before we see a response.

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