Yahoo Answers Lives On In This Typing Of The Dead Mod

Earlier this month, Yahoo announced it’s shutting down Yahoo Answers permanently on May 4. Years of entertaining questions may disappear, but thankfully, one hero is adding Yahoo Answers into Typing of the Dead.

Typing of the Dead is a spin-off of the popular zombie-shooter game, House of the Dead. Players make their way through a short campaign while killing the undead. The premise of Typing of the Dead is the same; instead of shooting though, you have to type. As zombies run at you, you have to type a given phrase as fast as possible. The game is also available in some arcades. Rather than having a gun, the arcade machine has a keyboard attached to the front.

To keep Yahoo Answers alive, Twitter user @YahooAnswersTXT added 500 questions to Typing of the Dead. Now, you can fight off zombies by typing, “What does Bigfoot want??” and “Am i grernant?”. This is something we didn’t know we needed until now. Yahoo Answers is responsible for bringing us hours of unintentional entertainment, with an overwhelming amount of ridiculous questions (and just as ridiculous answers). Now, they can live on through a classic arcade game.

As you might expect, Typing of the Dead isn’t the most popular game right now. The game sees no new content, but despite this, there is still something charming in the absurdity about killing zombies by typing random phrases.

There have been numerous games that were ‘saved’ by the fanbase. Remember the Sonic movie that went through major design changes after fans criticized the original trailer? Oftentimes, fan-made content is on par with official content, leading to a new wave of popularity as well. Perhaps a love of classic arcade games and Yahoo Answers will breathe new life into both. I mean, who wouldn’t want to type, “Math makes me cry (literally)”?

You can pick up the Yahoo Answers Typing of the Dead mod for free in the Steam Workshop.

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