Yakuza: Like a Dragon Please Find My Cat Quest Guide

For the first time ever, at least in the West, the Yakuza series has strayed away from its iconic protagonist Kiryu for the newcomer Ichiban taking the lead in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. But, along with this new star, the game also shifted into a full on RPG. This might lead many to think the series has completely shifted gears, but that’s not quite the case. One thing the series hasn’t shied away from is its love of cats and their various quests tasking you with finding these little felines around town. This part time hero request, Please Find My Cat, can be just as hard as tracking down cats in real life without a guide.

Please Find My Cat Quest Guide

This quest can’t be taken on until you unlock the ability to do part time hero tasks, which will come once you reach Chapter five in the main story. Once you’ve reached this point, simply go back to the Cafe Brave restaurant and talk to Hiro to learn about his love of stray cats. As you attempt to leave, though, he will call you up and ask you to find all his escaped cats. You’ll need to track down nine cats a first, and then one final tenth cat for an extra bonus.

First Cat

Right after leaving Cafe Brave, head North into the batting cages. Between the two buildings at the end you’ll find your first cat.

Second Cat

In the West Jinnai Station, which is to the South of the Jinnai Service Road, work your way around the fence running along the main street and go around the inside path. The cat will be hanging out on top of a dumpster at the end.

Third Cat

Now in the Bar District, start out by finding the big statue of a face outside of Leda. The cat is right in the entryway to this bar.

Fourth Cat

Go South down Daikokuten Street until you are passing by the large walled off building. Approach it from the East side, but look to the North of the entrance to spot this cat on a green electrical box.

Fifth Cat

Go down Breakwater Drive until it turns into Chinatown, and take the first right into the unnamed alleyway. Keep your eyes peeled on the left side for a cat chilling on a ledge.

Sixth Cat

In the dead center of Hamakita Park, right under a water fountain where the road forks, is our next feline friend.

Seventh Cat

Another alley cat, this time in Restaurant Row on the East side. This cat is tucked away in the top right corner where the alley ends.

Eighth Cat

Near the corner of S. Sakura River Street and Misaki Street is a parking lot you can climb a ladder up into. Check behind the car on the far South side, just West of were the ladder icon is on the map, to rescue this stray.

Ninth Cat

The final cat of this first part is on Sunrise Street. Near the North end of the road there’s a part where you can take some stairs down below the bridge, but right beside it is this cat lounging on top of a washing machine.

Tenth Cat

After going back to Hiro and getting your reward for this part of the quest, a nice 1 million yen, he will deem you qualified to try and rescue Robson-chan, his first cat. You can track this illusive kitty back in Hamakita Park. Go to the far Northwest side of the park and up the small winding walking path from the fountain. The cat will be perched on one of the lanterns lining the right side of the path. Return to Hiro for an additional 2 million yen.

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