Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles: A Guide to Getting Started

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is a fantasy simulation game that lets you truly relax. The game was made to be a relaxing experience, and that’s just what it is. There are goals you can achieve, but the game lets you do everything at your own pace. Combat is non-existent in the game, and no quest feels like it’s a hassle.

The game comes packed with eight biomes to explore, gives you a small farm to start with, and then sets you free in Gemea. This is the perfect game for players who love to explore huge worlds but don’t want to deal with any of the complicated systems that usually come with it.

Getting Your Farm

The game starts out with your boat crashing on Gemea, where you promptly get up and begin to explore the area around you. After a bit of time, you’ll come across a close-by town and can do a few requests to get yourself up and running. This includes getting your first farm, which won’t cost you a ton of money or work. You will also begin to learn about the Murk, which is a darkness that has started to cover the island.

The Murk can be purified by finding the right sprites. While this is the overall objective, you will never be forced to focus on the Murk. The game allows you to farm, take care of tons of unique creatures, and even go hunting for lost cats. To help round off your first few hours, though, here are some fun suggestions:

  • Speak to Minnie and Get Your First Farm.
  • Tame a Groffle and a Grass Fox.
  • Pick a Profession to work on first.
  • Visit East Dock and Goldlake for quests.
  • Get The Fishing Pole from Theodore in Goldlake.

Once you’ve completed these tasks, you will have a good basis to begin traveling around and doing quests. There is no time limit and the in-game seasons pass incredibly quickly; just be sure to keep your eye out for festivals as they can be easy to miss.

Getting Started With Farming

The farming in the game is nowhere near as deep as Story of Seasons or Stardew Valley. In fact, the whole process is meant to be simple. There are six different farms to find and unlock, and you can build machines to create a variety of products like cheese and butter. Crops can be planted and will grow in pretty much any season, and the whole farm can be cared for by an easy-to-hire farmhand, so you don’t need to worry about clean-up.

Animals are tamed from the wilderness, and there are sixteen different species to collect. Each species produces a different resource, many of which you will need to progress in the game. A few of the animals won’t produce in certain seasons, but time moves rather fast in the game, making this easy to deal with. The products will be collected by your farmhand and placed in a treasure chest for you to collect when you are in the area.

Exploring Gemea

The major draw of the game is exploring. There are tons of towns, in-game festivals, and the game is loaded with collectibles. Here are all the items to collect in the world for those who like to stay busy:

  • 55 Cats
  • 26 Sprites
  • 5 Constellations
  • 17 Fish
  • 13 Profession badges

There are also several quests per region, and by exploring, you can help to raise an area’s happiness. You can monitor the progress of each area by looking at the end game map. For the cats, players will likely need to use a guide as they are almost impossible to find while just wandering around the world, and some will only spawn during certain times of the day.

A variety of resources can be harvested while exploring the world that will help you repair more farms and bridges. This can help you reach new biomes, and for those interested in the story, it will be key to pushing back the Murk.

Dealing With Murk

The Murk will block you from going into certain areas and can only be repealed by finding certain sprites hidden around the map. Murk is also greatly responsible for influencing each area’s happiness rating. To find all the collectibles in the game, players will need to get rid of all of it. To do this, they must find the corresponding sprite that shows up when they approach a batch of Murk.

Players will meet their first sprite, Lumie, at the beginning, and the rest can be found around the map and are marked with a quest marker. The sprites can only be freed once you complete the quest, but almost every sprite quest requires items that are relatively easy for the player to get. Some sprites may require players to complete small puzzles, but none of them are overly hard as it would break the game’s relaxing feeling.

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