You Can Now Finally Listen To The Kingdom Hearts 3 Soundtrack On Spotify

It’s been almost two years since the game’s release, but Disney and Square Enix have finally released the Kingdom Hearts 3 soundtrack on Spotify.

KH13 has reported in addition to Spotify, the soundtrack is also available on Apple Music and iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube Music and Deezer, so it’s widely accessible for VGM fans everywhere.

This particular album includes 165 tracks across Kingdom Hearts 3, Kingdom Hearts 2.8, and the mobile games Unchained X and Union X. In total, it spans nine hours of content from various composers (most notably Yoko Shimomura) and musicians like Hikaru Utada, Randy Newman, and Skrillex. It’s quite a monumental effort, and this release is just in time for the week of the rhythm Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory. Coincidence? We think not!

If you’re someone who likes to buy albums physically, Square Enix (kinda) has you covered too. The soundtrack just released in Japan on Wednesday, but it will cost a pretty penny. The eight-disc set hovers around $110 plus shipping on Amazon Japan, HMV Japan, the Square Enix Online store, and Rakuten Books. It might be worth it though as it will likely be a highly sought after collector’s item with its beautiful in-case artwork.

Making this music available to those with Spotify and Apple Music is an excellent marketing ploy to get people reinvested in the amazing scores that Yoko Shimomura, Tsuyoshi Sekito, Takeharu Ishimoto, and Shotaro Shima have created. While the selection from Kingdom Hearts 3 is particularly slim in  Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory’s song list, we’ll see some notable inclusions from this soundtrack in particular.

In our review for Melody of Memory, we thought the game had some compelling rhythm gameplay mechanics that recontextualize the standards of the genre. We also love how much unlockable content there is in the game. Melody of Memory won’t just have Kingdom Hearts music though. It will also include classic Disney songs like “Circle of Life.”

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is available on the PS4, Xbox One, and for the first time in Kingdom Hearts history, the Nintendo Switch. If you’re intrigued by the game’s premise, you can actually check out a free demo that has a segment of the single-player and co-op mode.

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