You can now play the retro Nokia ‘Snake’ game on your smartphone for free

Possibly the most popular mobile game of all time is now available on modern smartphones—and it isn't Fortnite.

Snake 97 is an incredibly faithful recreation of the iconic Nokia mobile game Snake. 90s kids will remember whittling away countless hours on Snake using their old brick phones.

Times were simpler back then, as were graphics, but this tricky and addictive game has been reproduced in full for a free Android app.

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It comes with several full recreations of Snake on different Nokia phones and you even control the snake using the original Nokia buttons.

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Another Google user wrote: "I've looked for this game for eons and I was very happy to have it, it has the original Snake I remember and it also includes the option to change the skin of the phone to newer Nokia models, which also changes the version of Snake you play."

It might be old hat but it proves that gaming really did peak in 1997. You can install the game for free on both Android and iPhone. Download it on iOS or the Google Play Store


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