You Can See Thor Flying Through The Sky During Thunderstorms In Valheim

Valheim, the Viking survival game, is heavily steeped in Viking mythology. So it should probably be of little surprise to find out that Thor is in the game, although it might be a little surprising when you first see him.

After you kill the dragon Moder, it’s a coin toss whether or not Thor will spawn during a thunderstorm. He’s hard to miss as he sends crackling bolts of lightning as he passes, the Viking equivalent of a laser light show.

Thor doesn’t do anything else at the moment, but Valheim is still very much in early access. It’s possible he’ll have more than just an Easter egg roll in future patches.

You can also spot Odin in Valheim too. Or at least, what everyone assumes to be Odin. You can sometimes spot a shadowy, hooded figure in the distance watching you, and if you get too close he just disappears. Some have gotten close enough to report that the hooded figure has just one eye, which is one of the Allfather’s most defining characteristics.

Valheim recently passed five million units sold and has started its sixth week as the top game in Steam’s top-sellers list. That’s quite the accomplishment for any early access title and already puts Valheim up there with indie greats like Stardew Valley and Dead Cells.

It’s also a game that once again proves that you don’t need to have the fanciest graphics to be a hit on PC. Sometimes all you need is a great aesthetic and the ability to launch a Viking longboat into the ocean thanks to an enormous ice slide.

That said, Valheim is still very much an early access game, so there’s still the occasional bug. Iron Gate Studio has already resolved the truly game-breaking glitches, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get scared out of your horned helmet when this troll face wanders across your screen for no particular reason.

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