You Can’t Use Modern Warfare Double XP Tokens In Warzone Anymore

Warzone season one officially arrived this week, and Modern Warfare players with double XP tokens to spend have been greeted with an unpleasant surprise.

Warzone players have started all over again this week as Call of Duty’s season system was reset to season one. That’s to coincide with Black Ops Cold War which hit last-gen and new-gen consoles last month. The good news is that even those who are sticking with Modern Warfare, for the time being, can continue playing Warzone.

That’s a very nice gesture from the good folks at Activision, but something they’ve sneaked in along with it has provided a nasty surprise for some Modern Warfare players. Well, actually, it’s more like something they’ve sneaked out. Those of you playing Warzone on Modern Warfare who had double XP tokens to use will have discovered those tokens have now disappeared.

Technically they haven’t disappeared. Those saved tokens can still be used in Modern Warfare’s online multiplayer. They just can’t be used in Warzone anymore which is a pretty controversial tweak to make. The XP tokens, which can be used to double any XP you earn for as long as an hour, would have been unlocked via tiering up Warzone’s premium battle pass. That means players would have technically paid for them believing that they can be used in Warzone.

Even worse for some of you with Modern Warfare XP tokens to spend is they might not be able to be spent at all. It should be noted that a very big chunk of Warzone’s playerbase is made up of people who downloaded the free-to-play game, but didn’t buy Modern Warfare. For those players, the tokens are now useless unless they decide to buy Modern Warfare.

A possible reason for Activision and Treyarch deciding to do this could have something to do with people progressing through the new battle pass a little too quickly. It’s even possible that players were saving up their tokens for season one so they could do exactly that, ensuring they unlock Rick Astley’s war track asap. Whatever the reason, a lot of Warzone players will have been lefy unhappy after logging into season one for the first time this week. On the bright side, at least they have a brand new map to explore.

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