YouTuber Matches Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Trailer To Original Footage For Comparison Video

BioWare released its first trailer for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition earlier this week, and while it’s nice to finally see what the remaster will look like, it’s been a decade since the release of Mass Effect 2 and nostalgia has a way of making old graphics seem greater than they really were.

However, thanks to YouTuber Cycu1, we can now compare the original trilogy to the Legendary Edition in this shot-for-shot comparison of the trailer.

Cycu1 actually went to the trouble of grabbing footage from the original games and overlaid them with their equivalent shots in the Legendary Edition trailer, starting with Mass Effect 1. We already knew that Mass Effect 1 was getting the most love in Legendary Edition, and the comparison pics really show just how much effort the remaster spent on the original Mass Effect game.

The lighting, textures, and environmental effects all got a huge upgrade. There’s much more detail in everything from the textures of Sovereign to the Citadel, the fog effects actually seem like fog, and all the colors are brighter and bolder.

Moving to Mass Effect 2, the differences are more subtle but still noticeable. You can see there’s a lighting upgrade and the colors are more vibrant. Shadows are crisp and everything has a certain sharpness that didn’t exist in the original game.

And finally, we arrive at Mass Effect 3. Here we see the least difference between the original and Legendary Edition–just a lighting tweak, bolder colors, and overall sharpness that can likely be chalked up to the greater resolution.

A lot of what we see are just cut scenes from the games, so we still don’t really have a good idea of what improvements have been made to actual gameplay. Again, we’ve been told that Mass Effect 1 got the most attention to bring it up to the same standard found in Mass Effect 2 and 3, especially where it comes to combat.

We’ll likely see some gameplay footage ahead of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition’s May 14 release date.

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