YouTuber Shows What Final Fantasy 7 Remake Would Look Like With The Classic Camera

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is in many ways a totally different game compared to the original. The broad strokes of the story remain, but the gameplay has evolved from simple turn-based fights with a fixed camera to something far more modern.

Most agree that the modern touches make Final Fantasy 7 Remake a great game, but what if you were looking to smash that nostalgia button as hard as you could? That's a question asked by Final FanTV, a content creator that wanted to see what Final Fantasy 7 Remake would look like if the camera and combat style were as close to the original as possible.

To find out, Final FanTV downloaded the expanded photo mode options from Otis_Inf and used them to create a video showcasing what FF7 Remake could look like if it were a little more faithful to the original game. He calls it more of a "proof of concept" than an actual mod–mostly because he's not a modder and hasn't created any code to have FF7 Remake play as you see in the video. This is all just a camera mod and some recording knowledge at play to let us see what could be.

And honestly, it looks pretty good. FF7 Remake’s lighting and textures are just as visually appealing from above or to the side as they are from right behind Cloud’s head. There might be a bit of an issue with the shadows during one of the battle scenes, but that’s about it.

We should note that Final FanTV doesn’t actually suggest that any potential classic camera mod actually changes the way FF7 Remake handles combat. He just made two combat scenes appear like the original game’s turn-based combat for the sake of nostalgia and so he could run the two games side-by-side for comparison.

With the budding mod scene around FF7 Remake, Final FantTV hopes that this video inspires others with modding skills "to make FF7R fully playable with classic PS1 FF7 cameras." It’d be an ambitious project, but as the above video shows, one that could easily work.

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