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Ys 8: Lacrimosa of Dana has a deeply engaging world with wonderful characters and a strong plot, so it's not surprising that some will want to head through the story once more to experience everything again and maybe find things they missed their first time through.

However, before jumping straight into New Game Plus, there are some things you need to know, as you will lose some crucial things that are essential for specific Achievements/Trophies and more. Furthermore, you also get to keep a surprising amount of stuff, allowing you to stockpile and prepare for a NG+ run by sticking around a bit longer and knocking out remaining side activities such as Raids.

New Game Plus Overview

Like most JRPGs, Ys 8: Lacrimosa of Dana has a New Game Plus option, allowing you to restart the game while carrying over some of your progress from your first time through. However, the Ys series has always uniquely handled this, giving you a choice to carry over specific things or toss them aside, having to redo your progress in some situations. Additionally, some aspects of the game will never carry over, making it crucial to get them out of the way before starting a new playthrough.

Why Start NG+?

New Game Plus has many benefits, but its biggest one is it lets you attempt to get 200 Reputation Points, allowing you to get the game's true ending easier, making it more viable if you missed it your first time through. Not only that, but if you missed some Castaways, failed to complete side quests, or want to play on a higher difficulty, this feature allows you to target all those in one go, giving you a headstart in most cases.

How To Start NG+

After defeating the game's final boss, a "Cleared Save" will appear in your Save Log. Selecting this save will give you the option to begin New Game Plus. If you still wish to explore the Isle of Seiren, simply load your standard save that's just before the final boss. If you want to carry over everything new you have gathered, you must defeat the final boss and replace your old Cleared Save File.

Everything That's Transferable

Before making the huge decision to start a new adventure, let's cover everything you get to keep and everything you will lose as a consequence of beginning a New Game Plus. While the scales are tilted in your favor for the things you keep over what's lost, keep in mind that if you are close to any progress-based Achievements/Trophies, you may want to tackle those first before you make the jump. Nonetheless, let's get into everything NG+ offers in Lacrimosa of Dana!

Everything You Can Transfer To NG+

Character LevelsAll party members keep their Level when transitioning to NG+. Any STR and DEF buffs from Elixirs will also stay.
Skills And Their LevelsMaintain all Skills and their Level when beginning a new adventure with NG+.
EquipmentAll Armor and Accessories will carry over.
ConsumablesAll Fruit, Medicines, and Food remain in your inventory aside from Spirit Elixirs (more on that below).
Materials And IngredientsEvery type of Material you currently have will carry over.
Exploration ProgressMap Progression and Landmark Discoveries will carry over, allowing you to re-earn their rewards when speaking with Captain Barbaros and Austin.
Map Markers For Treasure And Harvest PointsAny Treasure or Harvest Points found will be re-marked on your map, allowing you to easily find them again.
(NEW) x10 Various OreAdd an additional ten Ore of all types to your inventory.
(NEW) x3 Empty BottleGain three extra Empty Bottles for Liquid Medicine crafting.
(NEW) Infinity ModeEnemies become significantly stronger but have triple the drop-rate when defeated.

Everything You Lose In NG+

WeaponsWhile most of your Equipment carries over, Weapons do not, meaning you have to Synthesize them again.
Spirit Elixirs/EffectSpirit Elixirs, and their Effects, will not carry over to NG+, resetting your Mana Gauge back to 100/200.
CastawaysAll Castaways will have to be found again in NG+.
Adventure GearYour Adventure Gear and additional Adventure Gear Slots will be reset, having you obtain them again.
Lord FishAll caught Fish will carry over except the Lord Fish, which you will have to track down and catch again.

Despite losing your Adventure Gear, if you have 100 percent Map Completion, you can obtain the Gale Feather and Ares Seal Adventure Gear as soon as you meet Captain Barbaros on the Island if you choose to retain your Map Progress in NG+. If you also saved 12 Fish, you can feed them to Shoebill when she arrives at Castaway Island to get the Ocean Guide, expanding your Adventure Gear Slots by one.

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