Zombie Army 4 Marches Over To Steam Today

After a year of exclusivity on the Epic Games Store, Zombie Army 4 has finally shambled its way over to the Steam marketplace. PC players that were waiting to shoot the dead together on their platform of choice can finally do so with their friends. With a 10% launch discount, the game can currently be had for $44 and some change. That’s not so bad of a price, but it does come with a catch.

Sadly, the season passes are both separate releases and carry a bit of a hefty price tag. With a new season coming, though, it’s not like developer Rebellion is sending the game out to die. While I would suggest waiting for a better sale price, there’s a ton of content in the main game and it’s two DLC passes. If you just have to have it now, you’ll be set for quite some time.

If you’re wondering how the game is, look no further than TheGamer’s own review. “It’s a rollicking and ridiculous game that’s fun to play, offers loads of replay value, and is an enticing co-op proposition for anyone who likes fun.” In the absence of any sort of Left 4 Dead sequel, Zombie Army 4 fills the void beautifully.

So if you’re looking for something to tide you over until the next big release (which may be quite some time this year), why not give Zombie Army 4 a shot? With it finally available on Steam, there’s a ton of new players that will be joining the battle against Hitler’s undead forces.

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