Zombie Army 4: Zombie Zoo Walkthrough And Collectibles

In the fourth campaign in Zombie Army 4: Dead War, the hero travels to a zoo outside of Resistance territory in Croatia. Here’s everything you need to know to complete the Zombie Zoo campaign and find all of the collectibles.

Chapter 1: Trouble At The Zoo Walkthrough

When the campaign begins, make your way along the train platform, and go down into the safe room to gather supplies. When you are ready, fight your way over to the zoo entrance to trigger a cutscene, revealing the Grenadier zombie.

A blood seal will activate at the entrance gate, so clear the area of zombies to advance. At first, there will only be one Grenadier, but don’t be fooled. The whole area will be swarming with zombies very quickly.

Trouble At The Zoo Zombie Hand

As you enter the zoo, go down the slope and look to your right to find a large bird cage. There will be a zombie hand inside on one of the branches. It is holding a twig to blend in.

Trouble At The Zoo Comic

Once you are inside the zoo, you will need to activate some circuit breakers. Follow the objective marker underground to the one near the bird cage.

Activating the breaker will open some doors and spawn some zombies in the corridor behind you. Kill the zombies and go through the first door on the left. Inside, you will find a comic on a shelf.

Trouble At The Zoo Upgrade Kit

As you move towards the final circuit breaker, you will go through some electrified cages. An upgrade kit will be inside one of the cages, sitting on top of a table.

Trouble At The Zoo Document

As you exit the cages, the circuit breaker will be in a room to your left. To your right, you will find a document on a bench.

Activate the last circuit breaker to open the gate to the enclosure back in the middle of the zoo. Fight your way back over through the zombies. There are lots of traps in the cages that you can use to rip through the horde quickly.

Drop into the enclosure to find a Blood Fountain. Activate it and kill zombies until it is filled with blood. There are plenty of explosives in this area that you can use to your advantage. When the fountain is full, the safe room door will open. Head inside to complete Chapter 1: Trouble At The Zoo.

Chapter 2: Welcome To The Jungle Walkthrough

When Welcome To The Jungle begins, restock on ammo, explosives, and medkits. When you are ready, exit the safe room to trigger a cutscene, revealing the Screamer zombie. These are blind, so they can’t see you. However, they will kill you quickly if you make a noise, so stay crouched.

Welcome To The Jungle Upgrade Kit

Make your way past the first screamer and into another tunnel. As you exit this tunnel, there will be another open area with a screamer wandering around. There is a large mound in the middle of this section, which you can enter through a doorway. Find the doorway by walking around the mound, and then head inside to find the upgrade kit on the floor.

Welcome To The Jungle Zombie Hand

Make your way past the ritual circle, which will trigger some comments from the hero about what’s been happening at the zoo. Go upstairs and leave the room to encounter some armored zombies and a grenadier. When you kill them, the objective will change, now directing you into the greenhouse.

Walk past the entrance to the greenhouse and turn right to find a zombie hand scuttling around on a table with some rats.

Welcome To The Jungle Document

Fight through the greenhouse until you find a creeper nest. The ground will be considerably more overgrown in this area, distinguishing it from the previous areas in the building. Kill the creepers and go to the far left corner of the room to find a document on a bench.

Welcome To The Jungle Comic

After fighting through the greenhouse, a hatch will open which leads to the safe room. However, before dropping down, look for a dining table opposite the hatch to find a comic.

After you have found the comic, enter the hatch, and make your way through the sewers to find the safe room, completing Chapter 2: Welcome To The Jungle.

Chapter 3: Don’t Tap The Glass Walkthrough

Chapter 3 begins in a safe room, so take your time to gather some supplies. A wounded prisoner in this room will make a remark about the Hell Tower that you need to destroy. When you’ve got everything you need, leave the safe room, and make your way into the Aquarium.

Don’t Tap The Glass Document

In the room where you first encounter zombies in the Aquarium, look around on the floor to find a document.

Don’t Tap The Glass Comic

Continue through the Aquarium until you reach the room with the undead shark dangling through the middle. When you enter, some resistance fighters will call you over.

From the entrance to this room, go left until you find an enclosure filled with blood. There is a comic balanced on the edge.

Don’t Tap The Glass Zombie Hand

Now, make your way back to the entrance. This time, go right and look for another enclosure. Look inside to find a zombie hand on a rock.

Don’t Tap The Glass Heroic Action

After you activate the fuse box, head back over to the resistance fighters and try to open the gate. It will jam, initiating a horde survival section. Defend the resistance fighters from the horde until the gate opens. If both survive, the heroic action will complete.

The horde can be quite overwhelming here, as lots of creepers try to break the barricades near the fighters. Use explosives to kill large groups of creepers, and always focus on enemies trying to reach the NPCs.

Don’t Tap The Glass Upgrade Kit

Complete the heroic action and go through the opened gate to find your reward. You will see a safe with an upgrade kit inside against the wall.

Make your way down the stairs and into the safe room to complete Chapter 3: Don’t Tap The Glass.

Chapter 4: Planetarium Assault Walkthrough

Take a minute to resupply in the safe room whilst the hero and Bruno discuss the rituals you have found in the zoo. Leave the safe room when you’re ready and go through the ruined enclosure to trigger a cutscene, revealing a Necromancer.

These are killed with a shot to the heart, just like the Officers you have encountered earlier in the game. Clear the area and go through the exit. Climb the stairs and take a right at the top, at which point some audio will reveal that Dr. Schweiger is alive.

Planetarium Assault Zombie Hand

Leave the enclosure by going through the doorway, which will take you back outside. Before going through the following doorway, look on top of the wall in the right corner to find a zombie hand.

Planetarium Assault Comic

Continue outside until you find a small altar that you can interact with to summon a rift. It will glow orange, making it easy to spot. Walk past the altar to find a comic on a bench to the left of the stairs.

Planetarium Assault Document

Go up the stairs next to the comic and make your way forward. Stay on the left side to find a document sat on top of a crate.

Planetarium Assault Upgrade Kit

Advance a little further towards the large door leading into the Planetarium. Before going inside, turn left at the door to find an upgrade kit hidden in the corner.

Enter the Planetarium and place the blast charges. These are heavy, so you can only use your pistol whilst carrying them. Fortunately, there are lots of explosives in the center of the planetarium, so use these to wipe out large groups of zombies at once.

After you have placed the charges and defeated the zombie horde, head back outside to complete the Zombie Zoo campaign.

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