New Switch Pro Controllers Feature Stunning Nintendo Designs–And They're $20 Cheaper

The Nintendo Switch may cost only $300, but the pricing of its accessories is no joke. The Pro Controller, which is an essential upgrade for the best Switch experience, can cost a whopping $70 on its own. It’s an excellent controller that’s worth the investment, but for those on a tight budget, there’s an alternative option that’ll save you some cash and add a little color to your gaming setup: PowerA’s officially licensed controllers for the Switch.

PowerA has been making third-party controllers for years and has released wired Switch Pro Controllers in the past, but the company recently started producing enhanced wireless controllers with Bluetooth connectivity that sell for $20 less than the first-party controllers.

The enhanced wireless controllers cost $50 and come with two AA batteries that provide up to 30 hours of gameplay. The officially licensed controllers have a similar ergonomic design to the first-party Pro Controllers, and they come in a range of stunning designs, with some featuring iconic Nintendo characters like Zelda, Link, and Mario. There’s no rumble or NFC reader, but the wireless controllers do have motion controls. PowerA also still sells wired Switch Pro Controllers for just $30, and those are available in various designs as well. You can buy some of PowerA’s Switch controllers on Amazon for slightly cheaper; others you can buy directly from PowerA’s website.

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While we haven’t had a chance to review the enhanced wireless controllers, we tried out PowerA’s wired controllers when they first released in 2017 and found them to be a great, affordable alternative to the first-party Pro Controllers.

“I can’t say enough about how smooth the analog sticks are. They’re effortless to use and consistent in terms of resistance. It’s definitely a huge improvement over using the Joy-Cons,” said Michael Higham in our video review (above). “We tend to think that cheaper controllers means a cheaper build, but aside from the wired limitations and the lack of motion controls, PowerA’s controllers are the best option when you factor in price, and if you don’t mind being plugged in all the time.”

With wireless Bluetooth capabilities and motion controls, PowerA’s new enhanced controllers will provide a gaming experience that’s truly comparable to the first-party Pro Controllers (and still at a discount). And $50 (or less) for a licensed wireless controller designed for the newest console on the market? Can’t argue with that.

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