This Xbox Adaptive Controller Mod Makes It Nintendo Switch Compatible

The Xbox Adaptive Controller has been an important step for making games more accessible, but it’s had an obvious downside–it’s only compatible with Xbox. However, one man has found a way to change this, customizing an Xbox Adaptive Controller to work on Switch for his daughter.

Rory Steel, head of the Digital Jersey Academy, tweeted out a video of his daughter playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Switch using a heavily customized Xbox Adaptive Controller. There’s a lot of cables involved, and he says that this is only the first version, with further iterations to come. But it all works, and his daughter is clearly very pleased.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has shared the tweet as well, calling it “incredible.” Steel posted an in-progress photo earlier, too, showing how much wire work was involved. He completed the project in a single weekend.

Microsoft said back at E3 2018 that it would love to see the controller working on PS4 and Switch, and while official support has not come, it looks like it’s technically possible on Switch at least.

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