Yoshi’s Crafted World Review

Nail-biting difficulty isn’t really the point of a Yoshi game, so getting to the finish line isn’t the only thing to do in Crafted World.

I love how varied each new level’s mechanics are, but it’s a bummer that even the best ideas are rarely ever revisited later.

The Flip-Side levels are fun speed running challenges that feel genuinely different.

Certain special costumes like the Bullet Bill will move as you run through a course.

The Verdict

Yoshi’s Crafted World is an engaging and charming platformer that is absolutely worth playing, but it misses a clear opportunity to be more than that by not taking full advantage of its most clever ideas. It has enough creative collectibles to make completionists want to hunt down every last one, but I’m disappointed Crafted World didn’t challenge me more in the way its last few levels proved it could have. Of course, I still thoroughly enjoyed every adorable hour I spent with it.

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