AMD's superb 2nd-gen Ryzen processors get massive price cuts in Ryzen 3000's wake

Two days ago AMD rolled out its new Ryzen 3000 processors. AMD’s cutting-edge CPUs come loaded with more cores and higher clock speeds, leaving Intel’s processors in the dust for most consumers—and leaving little reason to consider the last-gen Ryzen 2000 processors. Unless, that is, we start seeing some massive discounts. Three of AMD’s CPUs from the Zen+ generation are available at solid prices from Amazon today. Let’s have a look.

First up we’ve got the Ryzen 5 2600 for $140. This is the lowest price we’ve ever seen for the chip after it launched at $200 last year. This processor features six cores and twelve threads, running at a base clock of 3.4GHz and a boost of 3.9GHz.

Going one step up the product line, the Ryzen 5 2600X is on sale for $160. Again, this is the all-time low for this processor, although we’ve seen this price several times in the last few months. Before this price drop the CPU was jumping between $180 and $200, and it launched at $230 last year. This processor also has six cores and twelve threads, but the base clock is a little higher at 3.6GHz, and the boost is 4.2GHz.

Need more cores? The eight core, 16 thread Ryzen 7 2700x is $260. Prices usually hover around $280 for this processor so it’s a great time to snag AMD’s previous-gen flagship, which launched at $330 last year. It features a base clock of 3.7GHz and a boost clock of 4.3GHz.

The 8-core Ryzen 7 2700 is also on sale today for $200, which is only $5 higher than the all-time low. Its clocks are a little lower than the X-variants, at 3.2GHz with a 4.1GHz boost.

All of these processors are fantastic workhorses for productivity in their respective price points, and fairly good gaming parts too. Excellent clock speed and IPC gains put the newer Ryzen 3000 chips at almost equal footing with Intel’s chips if you’re a pure gamer, but you won’t find them at fire sale prices like these for months and months to come.

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