Anthem’s New Stronghold Caches Won’t Contain Armour

Anthem players are upset following the news that Elysian Stronghold Caches will not contain new armor sets, but will instead feature new vinyls, animations, victory poses, and emotes.

As reported by VG247, some of this confusion occurred following a livestream comment and when some Anthem players tweeted Bioware lead producer Ben Irving and asked when they can expect to be able to earn and/or acquire new armor sets.

Irving originally replied, offering a bit of hope, saying that “Eysian chests should be up next week,” which led many players to believe these caches would contain armor sets.

However, he followed up by saying he read the question wrong and that these Elysian Caches would only contain “Vinyls, Arrival Animations, Victory Poses and Emotes.”

Fans were upset at the news, as they are clearly hungry for new armor sets, and BioWare Global Community lead Andrew Johnson spoke up to let players know their complaints and wishes aren’t being ignored.

“Sorry you’re disappointed, man. We are aware the community wants to see more armor sets,” Johnson tweeted in response to a fan. “It’s not something anyone is trying to hold back. Some things just take more time.”

These Elysian Caches are part of BioWare’s 90-day post-launch roadmap for Anthem that will see a ton of new content added to Anthem, including new missions, Freeplay events, rewards, and more.

Additionally, even though Anthem’s launch has had its share of issues, it didn’t stop it from becoming the best-selling game of February and the second most successful BioWare game in regards to launch month sales, putting it only behind Mass Effect 3.

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Adam Bankhurst is a news writer for IGN who is enjoying Anthem and absolutely loves flying around with the N7 Vinyl and pretending he is once again Commander Shepard. You can follow him on Twitter @AdamBankhurst.

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