Apex Legends Season 4's New Character Was Murdered

Ding dong, Forge is dead. After implying (for months) that Revenant would be next in line for new Apex Legends’ characters, Respawn messed with fans’ expectations by revealing the new legend for Season 4: Assimilation would be Forge. But apparently, that was all just an elaborate smokescreen, because now the developer has introduced yet another twist by having Revenant outright kill Forge.

You can see the deed being done in the tweet embedded below. It’s a televised interview with James “The Forge” McCormick, which ends with Revenant sneaking up on the soon-to-be-legend and stabbing him in the back. Though the video does leave the overall fates of both Forge and Revenant up in the air–it ends before actually confirming whether Forge died or whether Revenant was captured–you can find the evidence to what happened next in Apex Legends itself.

For the past week, World’s Edge has been changing in preparation for the arrival of Forge. Signs have gone up advertising the addition of new structures to the arena, a camera set was constructed for Forge’s interview, and a grate in the floor of Sorting Factory was removed–implying that someone else has managed to sneak their way onto the map in preparation for Forge’s arrival.

Now that the interview has aired, the video set has been destroyed, and there’s a death box in the spot where Forge was sitting. You can loot the death box to see a special in-game message that offers a eulogy for Forge. If you need help finding the death box, check out the video embedded below.

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