Call Of Duty Warzone Reveal Event: Here's What Happened With The Nuke

It’s happened: the Call of Duty: Warzone reveal event for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has concluded, leading to the unveiling of a new trailer and our first glimpse at Cold War’s campaign and multiplayer. This was a much different sort of event for Call of Duty than we’ve ever seen before, and it saw players scrambling to secure control of a weapon.

There’s been speculation for quite some time that the secret nuclear weapon hiding on Warzone’s Verdansk map would be detonated at some point. With Activision confirming that Cold War’s reveal would happen inside the game, it seemed as if that detonation would lead to some change in the map. It temporarily changed exactly how Warzone can be interacted with.

Following a playlist update, all standard playlists were removed in favor of a special one called Know Your History. By diving in, you’re able to squad up and attempt to complete four objectives, dubbed “Steps to Freedom:”

  • Collect the Map Codes
  • Secure the Key
  • Crack the Map Code
  • Wield the Weapon


All squads in the match compete to do this, which leads to a meeting with returning Black Ops character Frank Woods. He gives you a new weapon, Bay of Pigs, which you can see below. It’s a legendary blueprint for the SKS.

During the match, players are periodically shown video overlays and interference with different messages and characters. Once enough times elapses–you’ll see a timer just below the minimap–everyone is warned to take shelter at the stadium. Once you make it inside, the game transitions into the Black Ops Cold War trailer, which concludes with a peek at multiplayer–which will be more fully unveiled on September 9.

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