Destiny 2: Beyond Light's New Titan Sub-Class Turns You Into A Wrecking Ball

Destiny 2’s new Stasis sub-classes are set to shake up Bungie’s sandbox in a big way when they’re introduced in November’s Beyond Light expansion, offering players more options for teamwork as opposed to using overwhelming force to tear through enemies. Earlier this week, Bungie detailed how the new Warlock Shadebinder sub-class can immobilize foes from afar and then move in close for the kill with staff-based melee attacks.

Today’s update on the Bungie blog revealed how Titans will become Behemoths when players harness the power of the Darkness. While Warlock Shadebinders are specialists at freezing opponents and Hunter Revenants can slow enemies down, the Behemoth sub-class can use Stasis for both offense and defense.

Behemoths can control the battlefield by creating crystalline walls to block enemy gunfire, or they can stop adversaries in their tracks with their new Super ability. Called Glacial Quake, the Titan Behemoth’s new attack first forms a crystalline gauntlet around their fist that is then slammed into the ground and freezes enemies in place. Crystal armor then encases the Behemoth, allowing them to run faster, jump higher, and hit harder.

Bungie says that these new Titan Stasis abilities do allow for some finesse, as players can cancel a slide and use that momentum to launch into a massive Stasis-powered leap, which can also be canceled and transformed into a devastating slam attack.

A new Fragment and Aspect was also shown off for the Behemoth. One of the Titan’s class-specific Fragments is the Tectonic Harvest, which creates Stasis shards whenever a crystal is shattered. Grabbing one of these shards up will grant you or your allies more melee energy when picked up. The Whisper of Durance Fragment can also be slotted into the Aspect, granting Titans increased strength and extending the duration of effects that slow enemies down.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to add Beyond Light to their collection when it releases, along with the Forsaken and Shadowkeep expansions. These will also be arriving “soon” according to the September update for Xbox Game Pass.

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