Destiny 2 Datamine: Trials Of Osiris Returns Next Season

As players have suspected since before the release of the Shadowkeep expansion, thanks to hints from Bungie, it seems Destiny 2 will soon see the return of the Trials of Osiris. Datamining of the latest patch, Update 2.7.1, suggests the story of the Season of Dawn will turn toward bringing the tough multiplayer challenge back to the game next season.

Data miner Ginser uncovered the evidence that Trials is on its way back in Destiny 2’s latest patch, Update 2.7.1, in a few interesting text strings, and shared it on the Raid Secrets Discord channel and on Twitter. The text suggests that the next piece of content in the Season of Dawn, the Empyrean Foundation, will be about restoring the Lighthouse on Mercury, a key location for Trials.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Trials of Osiris, it’s a tough-as-nails multiplayer challenge that traditionally has offered some of the game’s best rewards. It requires you and your team to win seven multiplayer matches before losing a total of three. In the original Destiny, if you could manage to win all seven without taking a loss, you would get access to the Lighthouse and receive the very best gear rewards the game could offer.

Ever since Bungie announced that Elimination mode was returning to Destiny 2 with the Shadowkeep expansion, the assumption has been that Trials isn’t far behind. That feeling was bolstered with Saint-14 appearing in the Tower, where he’s been surrounded by Osiris banners that look like they belong in Trials as well.

The Empyrean Foundation content kicks off on February 4, and it seems that’ll include restoring the Lighthouse. We haven’t seen the Trials of Osiris since the end of Destiny 1. There was a version of the activity, the Trials of the Nine, in Destiny 2, but it was discontinued way back in August 2018. If this info is to be believed, we could be seeing Trials coming back as soon as March 9.

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