EA Play games now due on Xbox Game Pass for PC in 2021

Xbox Game Pass for PC access to the EA Play library won’t begin until 2021, Microsoft announced this morning. It had been slated for sometime in December.

When Microsoft and Electronic Arts announced that Game Pass members would be getting EA Play’s games, the companies said it would roll out in November for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and December for Xbox Game Pass for PC. That’s now been pushed to January at the earliest.

Note: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate ($14.99 a month) subscribers also have Xbox Game Pass for PC; their access to EA Play games is only through an Xbox One or Xbox Series X for now. Subscribers to basic Xbox Game Pass (the $9.99 monthly sub) don’t get EA Play.

In September, EA and Microsoft announced the team-up would happen in time for the Nov. 10 launch of the Xbox Series X. Xbox Game Pass (console) subscribers currently have access to 86 EA Play (formerly EA Access) titles with their subscription.

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