Fall Guys Cheaters Are Already Being Reduced

Fall Guys has already fallen victim to cheaters. Players have already learned how to bypass obstacles and grief other players in the wacky mini-game-filled battle royale. However, it appears things could be getting better.

“Pathetic isn’t it?” said Redditor Beard_Of_Serpico in the Fall Guys subreddit. “Cheating in one of the most casual, child friendly games ever. This is why we can’t have nice things.”

The UK-based studio Mediatonic launched the battle royale on August 4 and experienced server issues after more than 2 million players logged onto the game via Steam in the first week. Since then, like many other online multiplayer games, players have found ways to clip into walls, run faster, and float in order to get an unfair advantage in certain mini games.

“We are working as quickly as we can to address this issue in the game,” Mediatonic told GameSpot via email. “Cheating and other hacks to boost performance take away from the enjoyment of everyone and we are actively working to address this now.”

Players believe that cheaters are using third-party software to manipulate their characters position in-game. “There are already existing programs capable of letting players fly, teleport and speed hack that anybody can go and download right now,” said Redditor Raging_Rob. “The number of cheaters is just going to rise as word gets around.”

There is no way to report cheaters in game, but Mediatonic advises players to report them in their Discord channel or via the Fall Guys subreddit. The developer added on August 11 that it has improved its own detection criteria and now even without players reporting cheaters, they are seeing them drop substantially.

GameSpots’s Alessandro Barbosa enjoyed his time playing Fall Guys and its variety of mini games. “With its short games and easy-to-grasp mechanics, Fall Guys is easily the most approachable and welcoming battle royale yet,” he said in GameSpot’s review. “Its bursting color and varied game modes do a good job of reeling you in and keeping you hooked, even if a handful feel at odds with the easygoing nature of its premise.”

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