Grand Theft Auto 5 Is Best-Selling Game Of The Decade, Rockstar Announces

Now that the 2010s are behind us, Rockstar has announced some new decade-long records. The studio behind mega-hits like Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 has announced that both games hit high marks during the last ten years.

According to the studio, GTA5 is the best-selling game of the decade in US dollar sales based on NPD data. It also earned the BBC’s Game of the Decade according to the UK’s GfK charts, which tracks physical sales. Not only that, but its online mode, GTA Online, has still been going strong. Monthly player number records were topped in December and quarterly records were set the final quarter of 2019. The studio attributes the record players to its Diamond Casino update, which was followed up by the Diamond Casino Heist in December.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a hit too, as Rockstar says it’s the top-selling game of the last four years in US dollars. It also hit a high point in player count in December with the Moonshiners update, and then topped that record again in January. Both games combined have hit 150 million units worldwide.

The strong sales of GTA 5 aren’t too surprising, considering it has maintained a steady spot on the monthly NPD charts for years even as other big AAA releases come and go. That consistent sales performance has helped make it the juggernaut it is, especially complemented by buyers continuing to play GTA Online.

To mark the sales milestones, Rockstar is offering a few freebies for players of both games’ online modes. GTA Online players can earn a cool $1 million in-game currency by playing anytime between January 30-February 5, and then another million by playing February 6-12. Red Dead Online players can get free access to select roles and some item giveaways by playing within selected dates. A Gunslingers Cache (January 28-February 3) nets you a Schofield Revolver, a Reward for 1 Free Varmint Rifle, and the Devastating Ammo Bundle. The Bounty Hunter’s Kit (February 4-10) will get you a Bounty Hunter license, 25 Bolas, and 25 Tracking Arrows.

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