Homeworld Dev Has A Cool New Sci-Fi Salvaging Game Coming

Blackbird Interactive, developers behind Homeworld 3 and Deserts of Kharak, have a new intergalactic game forthcoming. Titled Hardspace: Shipbreaker, the game is in first-person and casts the player as a shipbreaker, who apparently has some hefty debt and needs to repay it by scavenging parts off of dead space ships.

Players will get to use a laser cutter and other cool tools to complete the job, with the caveat that electrocution, being blown up, and asphyxiation are all hazards of the occupation. (Resurrection adds more to the debt.)

If you’re looking to get a taste of the gameplay, Hardspace: Shipbreaker will be available through Steam’s Early Access sometime this summer at a currently unknown price. The Early Access version will include Act 1 of the campaign, which will require around 15-plus hours of gameplay to complete, and a “freeform sandbox mode” that allows for hundreds of more hours of gameplay. Players will have the choice of two types of spaceships to scavenge from and lots of salvaging tools and suit parts that they can upgrade. The total debt to pay back in the campaign will be 999,999,999 credits.

Blackbird Interactive has stated it “[has] a rough plan for a year of development beginning in May 2020,” but will “decide down the line exactly how much [of the] game [it] considers to be the 1.0 version.” The studio added, “[We’d] rather stay in Early Access for as long as needed than come out early to hit an imaginary window we’ve set for ourselves.”

However, the company did share some of its vision for the full game. Blackbird predicts the full campaign to take around 40-plus hours of gameplay and that the “unlimited sandbox fun mode” will stay. The full version will also likely have the addition of various new ships of different scale, leaderboards and daily challenges, and “modding support” for players to design their own ships and challenges.

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