New Call Of Duty 2020 Seemingly Teased In Warzone, Possible Announcement Tomorrow

With coronavirus raging and a bona fide live game hit on its hands, it seemed likely Activision would drop teasers for its next Call of Duty game within the structure of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone. Now it appears that’s happening, as a mysterious new message introduced in Season 5 looks like something out of Black Ops. We could very well be going back to the mystery-filled Cold War era games we’ve seen a decade ago. The numbers, Mason! What do they mean?

Players are randomly receiving blurry, glitched messages saying “Know Your History.” GameSpot confirmed the message during a Warzone session, but it appears so quickly you could easily miss it. Another part of the glitched message appeared to show a message in Russian, and it certainly seems to hint at a new CoD.

The allusion to history could be a reference to the rumored Black Ops: Cold War. That would set it in a historical context, and Black Ops is known for its mind-bending plot elements that revolve around false memories and other light sci-fi elements.

Meanwhile, Call of Duty fansite Charlie Intel received a package with a note not to open it until August 10. That could give us some indication of when to expect an official announcement. This sort of espionage-like tease is certainly on-brand for Black Ops. The original game involved a CIA plot and brainwashing mixed with appearances from some real-world political figures.

Reports that the new Call of Duty would be a Black Ops game have circulated for quite a while, but without an E3 this year, Activision has been quiet about its plans for longer than usual. That may finally be changing soon.

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