Oculus Quest 2 doubles the resolution, according to Facebook leak

The Oculus Quest VR 2, which was was rumored to launch sometime this month, leaked early in two promotional videos that parent company Facebook uploaded to a public-facing marketing hub. (Link is no longer valid.)

The videos included two live demonstrations of the VR headset, as well as a comprehensive breakdown of its technical specs. The demonstration videos were scheduled for Sept. 16 and Sept. 17. The Facebook Connect conference for developers begins Sept. 16, so we’ll probably hear more, officially, then.


Images of the headset, a standalone follow-on to 2019’s value-conscious alternative to the Oculus Rift, also leaked in July, The Verge notes. The videos did not mention how much the new unit will cost, but the first Oculus Quest SKUs retailed for $399 and $499.


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As for the technical qualities, The Verge has more, but the Quest 2 has an “almost 4K display,” according to the leaked video, meaning 2K resolution for each eye. That would be 50 percent greater resolution than the first Quest. The RAM improves to 6 GB (from 4 GB) and the storage doubles to 256 GB (from 128 GB).

Update: Andrew Bosworth, the vice president of Facebook Labs, confirmed the leak on Monday morning and said a full reveal will come on Wednesday at 1 p.m. ET.

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