Saints Row 4: Re-Elected Coming To Nintendo Switch

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected has been officially announced for Nintendo Switch. The port comes with all of the previously released DLC included and launches on March 27.

Originally released in 2013 and developed by Deep Silver Volition, Saints Row IV puts your created character in the Oval Office as a super-powered President of the United States. Using your heroic abilities and an eclectic arsenal of weaponry, you’ll defend the planet against an invading force of Zin aliens in a game full of over-the-top action that was both a critical and commercial success.

The Switch re-release includes 25 additional enhancements, including the Dubstep Gun (Remix) package, the President package, the Commander-In-Chief package, and two pieces of story DLC: Enter the Dominatrix and How the Saints Saved Christmas.

Saints Row IV scored 7.5/10 in GameSpot’s review back in 2013, with Carolyn Petit saying, “Even if combat sometimes falls into a rut, there are more than enough surprises in the game’s story missions to keep you entertained, and as in previous games, you can increase the mayhem by inviting a friend along to do missions and other activities. Saints Row IV owes a lot to games like Crackdown and Prototype, but the absurd humor that infuses every aspect of this game gives it an identity all its own. The simulated city of Steelport doesn’t offer deep gameplay or the most satisfying challenge, but it is a great place to mess around.”

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