The entrance to World of Warcraft’s Eternal Palace raid is an underwater roller coaster

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth’s Rise of Azshara patch is out now, and it offers players an underwater foray into Azeroth’s core. Queen Azshara, one of the series’ oldest villains, is the patch’s big bad, and the final boss in the upcoming Eternal Palace raid.

While the raid isn’t out yet, one of World of Warcraft’s more famous raiders and Twitch streamers, Sloot, found the entrance to the new raid. Getting to the entrance of the Eternal Palace is a bit more interesting than the usual affair of walking into a portal.

To get into the Eternal Palace raid when it launches on July 9, players must leap into a whirlpool. After they sink into the water, the current grabs the player and whisks them through Azshara’s underwater fortress before finally plopping them in front of the Eternal Palace’s doors. Sloot showed off the entire ride in his Twitch clip above.

Blizzard will release the Eternal Palace raid on July 9 with the Normal and Heroic difficulty. The studio will release the Mythic version of the raid a week later, on July 16.

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