The First Fall Guys Tournament Has A $5000 Top Prize

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a hugely competitive game, but not one, necessarily, built with esports in mind. Consequently, the first (unofficial) Fall Guys tournament, which is set for next week and will be an event hosted, should be interesting.

Esports player and speedrunner “GrandPooBear” has announced Fallmania, a “series” of events that will culminate in one streamer taking home a $5000 prize. Interested streamers are free to sign up if they want to be considered for the tournament.

Fallmania is set for August 27. Since there’s no second place in Fall Guys, the competitions will be winner-takes-all.

It’s not yet clear how many rounds will be played, or just how much money is up for grabs–but it seems that each winner will be able to claim $5000.

The very best player out there has been marked with a briefly exclusive costume–although they have not identified themselves as of yet. Perhaps they’ll enter the competition.

If you want to claim your own crowns in Fall Guys, here’s our beginner’s guide.

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