Why Escape Hour Is Attracting So Many People?

What is a quest room game?
A quest room game is one kind of real-life game. So, you will get a real team and a real puzzle. No part of these games is virtual. It’s a completely real game and you can feel the games earnestly.

Why these games are different?

In a virtual game, you play with the help of some devices. You play these games virtually. Hence, you can only feel the games partially. But, real-life games provide you pure entertainment. You will live inside the game and you will touch the objects. This means you can live some super exciting moments when playing these quest room games.

How to play these games?

The escape room games are not so difficult to play. Every game has its own room. You will be allowed 60 minutes to complete the game.

Now, before playing these games, you have to select your team members. After building your team, you have to enter the room. Inside the room, you have to solve all the mysteries and puzzles. Once you solve the puzzles, you can get out of the locker room.

Can kids play locker room games?

Yes, adults and kids both can participate in these games. In fact, Escape Hour has designed easy and difficult games. Easy games are for adults and kids. But, difficult games are only for adults. You can take 2 (min) to 16 (max) team members to play these games. So, get ready for an exciting game.

How many types of games can be played at Escape Hour?

Escape Hour is well-known for its marvelous games. You can play these games in Edmonton and Calgary. The best part of these games is their variety. There are battle games, puzzle games, and action games. Furthermore, their detective games and quest games are also interesting. They also have sci-fi and heist games. So, Escape Hour will satisfy you completely with its games.

Why Escape Hour games are so intense?

Perfect themes have made these games intense. The design of the themes is so realistic. Hence, you would love to play these quest room games.

Are these games safe to play?

Escape Hour games have an extremely safe environment. A Game Master always looks after the players using CCTV. He also assists the players through special TV screens. As a result, players get all kinds of help inside the locker room.

So, visit the Escape Hour website and pick your schedule. It would be truly a magnificent experience. (www.escapehour.ca/calgary)