FF7 Remake Limit Break Guide: How To Get More Limit Breaks For Your Party

In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you’ll discover early on that some of the most powerful attacks your party can perform are Limit Breaks. You can unleash these special techniques after your Limit Break gauge fills up from taking enough damage or frequently staggering enemies. Each party member starts with a single Limit Break to lay down devastating damage with, but it’s possible to get more! Below, we breakdown how to get more Limit Breaks.

Where To Get More Limit Breaks

You don’t get access to new Limit Break techniques until you reach Wall Market during Chapter 9. After clearing the Corneo Colosseum section of the story, you can go back to the battle arena and spend time tackling extra events–a couple of which yield new Limit Breaks as rewards upon completing them. Your first go-around through the Corneo Colosseum’s challenges can net you Limit Breaks for Cloud and Aerith. Upon revisiting the Wall Market during Chapter 14, you’ll get another set of challenges to nab some for Tifa and Barret.

The series of challenges care called X Character Vs. Wild Animals, and it forces you to use only one character against a gauntlet of enemies. There are four in total, each associated with a member of your party. Completing one earns your that particular character’s second Limit Break. With melee characters like Cloud or Tifa, the challenge is pretty easy to complete, but when you take it on as Aerith or Barret, it becomes a bit more tricky. Keep focused, and you should earn those Limit Breaks in no time.

Due to story reasons, we recommend getting Aerith’s Limit Break during Chapter 9, as this is the only oppurtunity you can get it without using the Chapter Select options you unlock after beating the game. We won’t say anything more!

How To Assign New Limit Breaks

Once you get your hands on another Limit Break for a character, you can assign it to them via the Battle Settings. You can only equip one Limit Break per character at a time, so make sure you’re taking tactical considerations across the team to accommodate the impact assigning a new one may bring.

What To Consider When Assigning Limit Breaks

As you can imagine, each character’s Limit Breaks only reinforce and cater to their specific strengths and weaknesses in battle. When it comes to which Limit Breaks to assign across your party, you’ll generally want to go all-in on one offensive strategy (like focus on Stagger) or diversify your selection to give yourself more options.

It’s worth noting

The choice over which Limit Breaks to assign is mostly about comfort and what works for you. Be keen to experiment along the way, and you’ll naturally fall onto a strategy that suits you best. For more insight on specific character Limit Breaks, look to the section below.

Every Limit Break And What They Do

Below you can find a listing of each Limit Break, what they do, and what to consider when generally using them.

Cloud’s Limit Breaks

As the primary damage dealer, Cloud’s Limit Breaks offer devastating direct melee damage. His Limit Breaks are focused on a single enemy, so you’ll want to use them either when an enemy is staggered, or if you’re looking to inflict some serious damage to help close the gap during a fierce boss battle.

Cross Slash — Damage your foe while making an ominous symbol with your slashes.

Ascension — Focus on a single enemy and deliver several powerful strikes. Significantly increases stagger.

Tifa’s Limit Breaks

Like Cloud, Tifa’s Limit Breaks also inflict devastating close-ranged melee damage. However, her Dolphin Flurry can hurt multiple foes if they’re at a semi-close range of who you’re targeting specifically–it just takes some finangling as the attack is more frontal facing. Tifa is the Stagger queen, so any Limit Breaks you throw out with her should always be in service of pressuring and eventually demolishing a staggered enemy.

Somersault — Launch an enemy into the air with a Sangan-style swift kick.

Dolphin Flurry — Unleash an unrelenting stream of acrobatic attacks. Significantly increases stagger.

Barret’s Limit Breaks

Barret Limit Breaks are geared towards his strengths as a ranged fighter, allowing him to inflict severe damage from afar. While you might be tempted to use them on a single foe, Barret’s Limit Breaks can be of a better use when shot with consideration of enemy groups. Fire in the Hole is a great all-around way to deal decent damage against multiple enemies, while Catastrophe can do more substantial damage to groups if shot from just the right angle.

Fire in the Hole — Shoot an orb of energy that creates a large explosion.

Catastrophe — Marshal all your strength and channel it into a concentrated beam of energy. Significantly increases stagger.

Aerith’s Limit Breaks

As the primary healer and spellcaster, it’s smart to choose a Limit Break for Aerith that you feel best supports your party in a pinch. If healing all your characters at once gives you a better sense of security, you’re better off keeping Healing Wind assigned. With Planet’s Protection, the nullified damage defensive buff on party members does provide an opportunity for your party to keep piling on the pressure even when close to death–you just need to make sure Aerith is bombarding the party with healing spells.

Healing Wind — Summon a soothing breeze to restore a moderate amount of HP to all party members.

Planet’s Protection — Entreat the planet’s favor to nullify physical damage dealt to all party members.

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