Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date Announced During E3 2019

Japanese publisher Square Enix has officially confirmed that Final Fantasy VII Remake will launch worldwide on March 3, 2020. The announcement was made during a Final Fantasy concert held prior to the official opening of E3 2019. Square Enix still due to have a press conference during E3, but the company has also chosen to give the much-anticipated remake its own time in the limelight.

The release date was preceded by a new trailer, which you can see above. It features Cloud, Barret, and a few other familiar faces taking on the Bombing Mission from the opening of the original Final Fantasy VII. We also get to see the new-look Omnislash, which looks as cool as we remember it being way back in 1997. The major difference from the original that is shown in the trailer is towards the end, where Aerith grabs hold of Clouds hand as a strange black entity envelops them.

The Final Fantasy VII remake has had a lengthy development journey and, over the years, fans have been kept mostly in the dark. This has changed recently, as Square Enix has been delivering more information and even providing glimpses at how the game looks and plays. Most recently, Final Fantasy VII Remake was featured in a PlayStation State of Play livestream held in May.

A release date is big news, but we expect there will be more to see of the game at Square Enix’s E3 press conference on Tuesday, June 11, at 6PM PT.

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