God Of War Director Changes Twitter Avatar Before PS5 Event, But Don't Get Excited

This is no surprise to most of us, but people really, really liked the new icy, Norse-themed God of War, to the point that they’re willing to clamp onto any detail as a sign of a new announcement. Some intrepid Sony fans have noticed that game director Cory Barlog has changed his Twitter profile image and background, which has led them to speculate that we may get a sequel announcement at today’s PlayStation 5 event.

On Twitter, Barlog is known for changing his bio, avatar, and background in suggestive ways to rile up the PlayStation fanbase, though he also releases unseen photos and details about development as well. As such, it’s rather difficult to know if the director is simply having a bit of fun at his fans’ expense or if this is truly the announcement they’ve been waiting for.

Given that the God of War reboot came out in 2018, it’s certainly possible that we might see a teaser trailer today. However, it’s unlikely that the game will come out anytime soon, as the previous entry took four years to develop. The inevitable God of War sequel will assuredly come to the next-gen PlayStation 5. Barlog has previously stated that there were plans for DLC for God of War 1 at some point, but they were scrapped for being “too ambitious.”

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