Here’s how the Overwatch League’s 2020 season will work

The Overwatch League is wrapping its second season, with the Shanghai Dragons claiming the stage 3 championship. As we barrel toward the eventual conclusion of the season, Blizzard has already announced changes for 2020.

This is the year that players are going to home games, which is a challenging goal. In order to make the travel required for home games less of a strain, Blizzard is splitting the Pacific and Atlantic Divisions. There are now Pacific and Atlantic conferences, which are made up of four divisions: Atlantic North, Atlantic South, Pacific East, and Pacific West.

Atlantic Conference

North Division:

Boston Uprising

London Spitfire

New York Excelsior

Paris Eternal

Toronto Defiant

South Division:

Atlanta Reign

Florida Mayhem

Houston Outlaws

Philadelphia Fusion

Washington Justice

Pacific Conference

East Division:

Chengdu Hunters

Guangzhou Charge

Hangzhou Spark

Shanghai Dragons

Seoul Dynasty

West Division:

Dallas Fuel

Los Angeles Valiant

Los Angeles Gladiators

San Francisco Shock

Vancouver Titans

There will be 52 homestand weekend events in 2020, with each team hosting two homestand events. There will also be a selection of regular-season events hosted by a selection of teams from each division, presumably allowing teams with more of a secured arena to host more events while their colleagues catch up in forming a home base.

In addition, there will no longer be “stages.” Instead, the season will be broken up by a midseason All-Stars event. With the exception of All-Stars, there will be games every week, with teams being granted by weeks to rest and prepare for their next matches. The season will conclude with a Grand Finals.

The Overwatch League 2020 season will run from February through August. Teams will play 28 matches over their regular season, facing everyone in their Conference twice, and other teams in the league once over the course of the season. All regular season matches will be held on weekends, and the schedule will adjust to optimize time for local markets.

We can expect a full schedule — as well as ticket sales — to be released next month.

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