How To Download The Last Of Us 2 Free PS4 Theme

The Last of Us Part II won’t release until May, but you can help make the wait a little easier with a free dynamic PS4 theme. The theme features protagonist Ellie in two very different situations and represents the balance between peaceful life and chaos that has underscored the series thus far.

The Last of Us Part II’s Duality dynamic theme can be downloaded by entering a code specific to your region on the PlayStation Store. We were unable to find it by using the store’s search bar.

  • North and South America: 4FMP-BBNM-J5L3
  • Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, India: 9DEK-PKNG-N445

The theme features two different images, including one of Ellie playing a guitar by herself, as you can see in the tweet above. It’s similar to the figure in the game’s Collector’s Edition and Ellie Edition, and she’s the only person visible in the first image. The Ellie edition is back in stock this week in limited quantities.

In the theme’s second image, things have popped off. Ellie is hiding behind a tree with a machete in hand as several enemies approach. One is holding a large axe, while the others hold torches and look like they came straight from Bloodborne. This will likely make up more of the game than Ellie playing guitar.

The Last of Us Part II will launch as a PS4 exclusive on May 29. It will be playable with a new demo at PAX East beginning February 27, which will include about one hour of gameplay.

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