Next Destiny 2 expansion is Shadowkeep, set on the moon

With the Destiny 2: Season of Opulence data, players have datamined the announcement art for an upcoming Destiny 2 expansion: Shadowkeep.

The image datamined from the new patch is likely for a in-game announcement prompting players to pre-order. The announcement refers to Shadowkeep as the “next chapter” in the Destiny experience coming this fall. This comes ahead of Bungie’s planned announcement for Destiny’s next chapter, scheduled for this Thursday, June 6.

The image claims that players will return to the Earth’s moon to take on “terrifying shadows.” Players will “descend into a mysterious enemy citadel” and become a “slayer of nightmares.”


The moon was a fan-favorite location in the original Destiny, where players first encountered the Hive race. The key art for the expansion depicts a giant fortress on the moon, with Earth and the Traveler hovering in the background.

The datamine also reveals that Shadowkeep will have a Collectors Edition. Destiny’s smaller Year 3 expansion, Rise of Iron, didn’t offer a Collectors Edition. The inclusion of one for Shadowkeep could mean it’s a full-fledged expansion like The Taken King and Forsaken.

Bungie will likely reveal more details about Destiny 2: Shadowkeep during its stream on June 6.

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