NHL 20 Adds A New Way To Report Toxic Behavior

Toxic behavior is a problem in NHL 20, and EA Sports is further addressing it with a new reporting feature that players can use to let the developer know about offending players.

Users can now report player names and Club names for the World of Chel mode through the Pro Clubs website. You can do this by simply pressing the “report club” button on the site, and then sharing more details about the offenses.

Even before these tools were implemented, EA already took action against more than 9,000 accounts so far in 2020, the studio said. The developer promised to “continue to take the proper steps to enforce against any offenders.”

Hockey has historically had a diversity problem. In June, even more racist player and team names began to appear in NHL 20 following the murder of George Floyd. In response, EA announced that it would implement harsher penalties for offensive content and strengthen its profanity filters and its online moderation.

In other news about toxicity in EA’s sports games, the developers of FIFA 21 have announced they will remove the “a-ok” gesture due to its ties to the “okay” sign has turned into a racist symbol (and was recently removed from Call of Duty.)

Following a delay, NHL 21 is coming in October for PS4 and Xbox One. The game will be properly announced and shown off at some point in August.

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