Overwatch player recreates Smash Bros. in Blizzard’s Workshop

Blizzard recently introduced the Overwatch Workshop, allowing users to tweak the rules of Overwatch or even make their own new game modes or hero prototypes, and the results have been pretty amazing so far.

One fan has created a version of Super Smash Bros. in Overwatch, where 12 fighters from the Overwatch cast go head-to-head in fighting game-style combat. You can watch a short video of the mode below.

Super Smashwatch has everything you might expect from a game of Super Smash. Bros —characters, player lives, increasing knockbacks based off damage values, and the same fluid style of movement and attacking. Characters keep their own abilities from the base game, but get the added Smash tactical options of air dodging, shielding, and double jumping.

Aifjs3, the creator of the mode, is planning to continue developing Super Smashwatch with more maps. Super Smashwatch is a work in progress, and the work of other Workshop users contributed to Aifjs3’s creation — he notes that other creators helped him with knockback mechanics and spawning.

Super Smashwatch is a more advanced game than some of the earliest creations from the Workshop, which included fun modes like Lucio wall-skate racing and Wrecking Ball bumper cars. You can try Super Smashwatch yourself with the code VZ4YG.

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