Resident Evil Village walkthrough part 12: Riverbank Treasure House and Mountain Stream

Before continuing to Resident Evil Village’s “Head to the stronghold” objective, let’s go find some more treasure and collect more ammo. Finding the Riverbank Treasure House will take you through the Mountain Stream area (and back to the Craftsman’s House) where you’ll find RE8’s lots of ammo, an antique coin, the W870 TAC – Foregrip shotgun upgrade, a large pigeon blood ruby, and Golden Lady Statue treasures.

In this Resident Evil 8 walkthrough, we’ll help you collect every item — like ammo, lei, rusted scrap, herbs, crystal fragments, and more — and find every key item with our maps and screenshots.

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Mountain Stream drawbridge 1

Let’s ignore Heisenberg a little more before we go walking into what is definitely not a trap. Take the western exit out of the Altar area and head for the Lone Road. Take the first right down the stairs — we found a Goat of Warding here earlier. Use the crank to lower the drawbridge. Smash the crate for some sniper rifle ammo.

Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Capcom via Polygon

Continue south and climb into the boat. Follow the river south to another dock. Take a left, and you’ll come to a fishing area. Shoot the three fish for two regular fish and one finest fish.

Take a right, and climb the hill. Go through the tunnel to the westernmost end to find a weird operations center. Grab the explosive rounds, flashbangs, mines, handgun ammo, and antique coin. Open the case to find the W870 TAC – Foregrip for your shotgun. Read the Analysis Results file on the laptop.

Mountain Steam drawbridge 2

Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Capcom via Polygon

Head back to the boat and take it as far north as you can. There’s another dock near another drawbridge — this is the one west of the Craftsman’s House you found after defeating Lady Dimitrescu.

Take a left from the dock and lower the bridge. Cross through the Craftsman’s House and out the back window to the well. Use the well wheel to retrieve … a ladder. Climb down.

In the room with the hanging death panels, check the right for a mine. Climb up the panels along the right to reach a path above you. Turn left for a pipe bomb.

Interact with the control panel to turn all the lights green. Cross to the southwestern corner and shove both of the carts out of the way. Don’t drop down yet, though — grab the shotgun ammo from the rocks in the corner.

Drop onto the cart in the center of the room, and use it to climb over to the west. Smash the crate for an explosive round. Drop through the hole in the floor.

Grab the magnum ammo and flashbangs, and then open the chest for a large pigeon blood ruby.

Combine the large pigeon blood ruby, the pigeon blood ruby, and the Necklace with Two Holes to make the Dimitrescu’s Necklace — which is worth 50,000 lei.

Unlock the gate and head back out. Check the green water(?) at the bottom of the ladder for a lockpick.

Riverbank Treasure House

Back at the Craftsman’s House, cross the bridge and take a right from the dock.

Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Capcom via Polygon

Step through the doors and you’ll head down to a room below Castle Dimitrescu. Stand next to the hanging brazier, and line it up with the two, tall, unlit braziers. Shoot the hanging one to open both doors.

On the left, collect the lei from the table.

On the right, smash the crates for some shotgun and handgun ammo. A non-stop supply of vampires will come out of the hole in the wall. That’s a good thing.

Back in the main room, there’s another door leading east with another unlit brazier. Wait for a vampire to approach you, and then use the hanging brazier to light it on fire — this will earn you the Medium Rare achievement or trophy.

Get it to chase you to the unlit brazier to light it. Smash the crate in this room for some sniper rifle ammo.

Continue east and collect the magnum ammo and Golden Lady Statue.

Head back to Duke and sell everything off.

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